Maturity Number 1

The life of Number 1 is a life of leader with pioneering and self-reliant spirit that needs to be developed. When such people enter the mature age they are in most cases independent and understand that they have succeeded in their life by leading others to the achievements that could never be attained by them alone.

But independence and developed individuality is not enough. People with number 1 will need to be known and recognized to deserve rewards and avoid limitations and failures. Their drive, determination and ability to lead others will grow.

If a person appears to have several 1s in his numerological chart, especially if one of it is a core number, he'll need to avoid being too selfish, stubborn, rigid and bossy. In other case there is a chance such a person will eventually become bullish and alone in life.

If the personality chart has less 1s, Maturity Number will play its positive role in establishing independence and success, which in turn will make latter part of life much more exciting, active and adventurous.

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