Pinnacle Numbers 6-11


A pinnacle for people with Pinnacle Number 6 is a period of love and devotion to family and friends. It may also be a great time for building a new family if you are divorced. During this period you will be focused on your own home-life. You will beautify your surroundings and nurture your loved ones as much as possible. This is a best time to hear your heart and act like it says.


A Pinnacle number 7 marks a period of time for self-discovery, spiritual development and study. Your interest in the inner-self will make you a loner. If it is a First Pinnacle with number 7, you may feel alienation and will have to somehow deal with it. In case of Second or Third Pinnacle 7 signifies a time when you will continue to explore your spirit and refine understanding of yourself. If 7 is a number for Third Pinnacle, it denoted a period when you will not only keep exploring yourself but also share your wisdom with other people.


A Pinnacle number 8 is a period of time when you will learn how to apply authority and power effectively. In order to become a leader you'll need to master at least the basic skills of management, organization and the application of justice to everybody.


Pinnacle Number 9 reveals a period of time when your feelings for you loved one will be at its zenith. You will heal and inspire everybody around you. Number 9 is never easy, and you might be asked to sacrifice your own needs for others' good. You may suffer because of loss, but that will be worth it as eventually you'll be rewarded by an ability to fulfill your need to ease and heal the pain of other people.


A Pinnacle Number 11 is much the same as Pinnacle number 2. Those who explore spiritual and metaphysical issue will find this period great for profound development, as their intuitive powers will be at their apex. This is a time to inspire, bring joy and lead people who around you or even all of humankind if it corresponds to your goals.

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