Personality Number 7

People with Personality Number 7 are in a constant pursuit of cosmic and spiritual knowledge. They are intelligent, introspective and perceptive introverts. It is often difficult to get close to such people, as they are quite aloof and shrouded in mystic. Besides that they love their privacy. But their knowledge and wisdom attracts others, and when they eventually understand that they will share it, as it will be the best reward for gaining it.

Their outward appearance may be characterized as refined, poised and quiet elegant. They seem aloof, stately and reserved, and their dignified bearing makes others to be at a respectful distance.

A person with number 7 has an aura of mystery, secrecy and depth, which makes it hard for others to get to know him or her. That's why they may remain loners for a long time and keep own counsel.

Besides that such people are quite shy and sensitive, thus having difficulties in communicating freely and friendly. They always show impeccable manners, but are restrained in interactions with others. It is easier for them to observe and analyze the situation around them and then say nothing and keep silence. However, when such a person expresses own opinion, others always listen and respect what he or she says.

These people are happy when they can read or enjoy nature. Ocean may especially satisfy and rejuvenate them.

They prefer simple or classic lines in clothing and avoid loud and bright colors.

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