Challenge Numbers 1-6


Challenge Number 1 means a struggle for independence, courage and confidence in one's own convictions. If number one comes for the first Challenge that means you should learn to define himself. In other cases it's all about learning how to be honest to yourself and more confident.


People with Challenge Number 2 need to understand how to manage their natural sensitivity to other people, avoid conflicts and strive for harmony that doesn't repress their own needs. During this time they will also learn to balance their needs with needs of other people.


The Challenge of number 3 is to learn how to speak truly. The negative traits of this number are hyperbole, superficiality, disorganization, gossiping and egocentrism.

Your challenge is to understand the value of discipline, organization and practicality. A challenge for people with number 4 is usually hard. You may be boxed in by boundaries, but this is only a sign that you should learn how to be patient, flexible and open-minded.


Your challenge is to overcome your fear of risk and change. You should also learn how to free yourself from everything that restricts or limits your self-expression. While that may sound scary, this is a time to improve yourself significantly and grow your individual freedom.


Your challenge is to learn how to balance between your needs and the needs of your family. True nurturing may come only from your heart, and you'll have to understand that. It is possible that your idealistic view of marriage might be shaken, but you'll found yourself happier and more secure at the end of the Challenge if you'll learn how to temper them.

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