Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Nine

People with Number 9 of Heart's Desires unify love and compassion to use for other people and the universe in whole. They want to create beauty, harmony and peace for all of us. Because of compassion they often sacrifice their own needs so that others' ones could be addressed. Though that may seem touching for some of us, healing others is a most necessary and important thing for soles of people with Heart's Desire Number 9.

They are very loving, and their concern and compassion are not limited to own personal circle and family only. They are generous and kind altruists, who strive for humanitarian ideals and want to make the world a better place.

Their greatest challenge is to turn their charitable impulses into definite and concrete expression. Such people are gentle, impressionable, sensitive and may have not enough drive to make their dreams more materially-minded. However, their path to success is not in aggressive ambition but in confident and positive attitude, which will allow them to do much good and eventually enjoy true success.

People with Heart's Desire Number 9 very like to travel. They are tolerant and broad in viewpoints, dislike prejudice and narrow thinking, and easily find common language with many types of people.

Special attention is paid to love. Such people have romantic hearts and are idealistic about others. They will easily find their loved ones but discover that not everybody can love as freely as they do. They do not like to be possessed.

These people are intuitive and artistic persons with an inborn talent to work with abstract ideas and color.

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