Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Eight

The inner desire of people with Heart's Desires Number 8 is to lead and take control of everything around them. As they have inborn talents of leaders, their desires will be satisfied at full.

Such people have all necessary ambitions and drive to achieve their main goals, which are material success and recognition. They dream to rise above others, to reach success and become a person of responsibility, power and influence. They are determined and strong-willed, and any obstacles they meet on their way may be overcome in order to persevere designated goals. They are inborn executives that possess the ability to manage large-scale operations and all the necessary organizational talents in this commercial world. "Playing in the league" is the challenge they enjoy.

However, personal life and emotions are not as important for people with 8 of Heart's Desires Number as material goals and professional advancement.
Unless they fall under influence of self-aggrandizement and personal ambition, they may personify good of this world.

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