Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Three

Numbers 3 are willing to make people laugh and happy overall. They want to create, remain enthusiastic and have fun, as they like life and therefore want to show and convince others what a grand gift it is.

A person with Heart's Desires Number 3 is an optimistic and romantic nature at heart, who appreciates life and its beauty and pleasures. Gifts of such people are inspiration, imagination and the ability to create and to dream.

They easily find friends due to good humor, big-heartedness and natural generosity. They bring hope and encourage people with their inner buoyancy and inner joy. But for some people a person with number 3 may seem naive and unrealistic, because he or she likes only the bright side of life and prefers to avoid difficult and dark situations and persons. However, such people are able to attract the good things better than share it. They are very social creatures, and enjoy being with spontaneous, creative and playful people, bringing natural ease and comfort to them. Music, dance, theatre and other ways of self-expression attract them too. Their weaknesses list includes lack of discipline, laziness and impracticality.

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