Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Five

The Heart's Desire of people with number 5 is to become free of limitations. This is what allows them to make changes to their lives and gain new experience. Their natures are sensual and rebellious, so routine is too boring and loathing for them.

They are in a constant search of excitement and adventure which comes from their deep inner discontent and restlessness. Such people thrive on new ideas, travel, changes and experiments with new and innovative ways of doing things. Predictability makes them unhappy, so they need to make their lifestyle challenging and mentally stimulating enough. Thus, people with Heart's Desires Number 5 are independent, easily bored and freedom-loving persons, who have trouble with finishing projects and making commitments. They frequently "move on" too prematurely, whether in work or a personal relationship. If they have an important goal, it is essential for them to develop perseverance and discipline.
Numbers 5 have many talents and many ways to express them, and the only problem is to learn how to finish one thing before starting the next.

Besides that, they learn quickly and like to show new discoveries and horizons to others. Sometimes the sparkling of other people's minds is what they can do best.

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