Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Seven

Soul Urges Number 7 means a peaceful and quiet atmosphere inside of people with that number. That atmosphere helps them to explore inner-self and pursue truth without interference. Usually they are hermits, and prefer to be alone so they could grow spiritually and study.

Such people are analytical, serious, deep and introspective. They always try to find the deeper meaning or hidden side of people and situations. Unknown and mysterious fascinates them. They enjoy periods of solitude and take their time to reflect, meditate and study. That however leads to the fact that some of Numbers 7 daydream and imagine too much. The ocean attracts them strongly. They are often willing to learn philosophy, scientific research, psychology, religion or metaphysics in their approach to Truth.

They may also be described as rather secretive, private and reserved, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations, hopes and thoughts so well. However, sometimes they get too lonely, and in order to avoid that they should learn how not to be such idealistic perfectionists and how to share their deeper selves more freely.

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