Sun Number 9

The people with Sun Number 9 prefer intricate details. Their global consciousness leads them to choose a career in the military, law enforcement or politics. As these people are not very comfortable with emotional issues, they prefer to keep social distance as a form of self-defense.  They see things more objectively and have a clinical approach.

Even though the people with 9 Sun Number can adjust to changes in the prevailing circumstances, they prefer well planned, carefully scrutinized decision after considering all possibilities. This makes 9 Sun Number people highly successful planner and advisors. They are not good at the complications of business finance or taxes but very good for leading a team or running an institution.

Sun Number 9s are highly successful in those ventures which they consider more important than themselves. It is very important for the 9 to recognize the importance of their lives and this realization even sometimes represented in somewhat self-righteous, arrogant or holier-than-thou situations.

Successful people with Sun Number 9 learn to accept themselves as what they are and stop changing or pursuing their expectations. People either love a person with 9 Sun Number or hate them. There is hardly anyone who is indifferent towards a 9.

Social aloofness is a natural tendency of 9 Sun Numbers, and as for love is concerned; it is very difficult to be close with them. They don’t display emotions and remain a very distant dream. As other people are unsure and feel intimidated by people with 9 Sun Number, for a romantic relation it is important that the 9 Sun Number takes the first step.

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