Sun Number 8

The people with Sun Number 8 enjoy being in command as they have a very authoritarian orientation. The desire to take control of the situations most often results in agitation and anger when they do realize that they can’t control the situation as changes can’t be always controlled. They have to pay quite often for their aggressive well not bullish nature. The people with Sun Number eight are smart and capable and more important are a visionary who sees the broader picture of things.

The people with Sun Number 8 can easily deal with the material world with their sense of balance. As they are not burdened with any attachments, they are well known to take chances with their assets and resources in the manner other might not dare due to involve risk. 8s love to start new ventures and sometimes faces disappointments resulting from high expectations and optimistic approach. However, initial failures can’t hold the 8s for long.

It may sound a bit contradictory, but the people with 8 Sun Number find it very difficult to accept the authority from individuals and even organizations. This may lead them towards crime and ultimately imprisonment. Only those succeed who control their anger and never decide under the influence of anger.

When it comes to romancing, the people with 8 Sun Number can be easily pleased. They simply don’t show their feelings but indulge in a highly passionate romantic relationship. Unfortunately, if the partner is self-confident and secure regarding his or her right, it is more likely that relation will be lost forever.

The person with 8 numbers is neither very giving and not very demanding. They keep sex out of emotions and see it as a mere physical activity and once satisfied move on. Surprisingly, they do have a very strong commitment, take good care of people around them and can even die protecting them.

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