Sun Number 6

The people with Sun Number 6 tend to ignore their own desires and needs for helping others as this is the most harmonious number among all the Sun Numbers. They bind people like glue, and the love for others draws respect from them. They are born to care for others and deal effectively with changes being a level-headed and stable personality. Unfortunately, the people with Sun Number 6 can be very self-righteous to annoy others and most often claim their contribution even before earning anything. They are even short-sighted and fail to have a larger perspective.

The people with 6 numbers are highly responsible, in fact, too serious. They tend to attract towards construction and transportation career as their nature makes them comfortable in a restricted environment with limited interaction with the outside world.

The down-to-earth  nature of 6s is the strongest characteristics. Their idealistic views are bound by their sense of realism. They are also very patient, particularly when working for a long-term goal.
Most often the 6s tend to give great importance to their own little pond. They seem to be fascinated towards an organized belief system from the very childhood. Naturally, they inherit the traditional dogmas and practices that restrict their vision. It has been found that successful people with 6 Sun Number have learnt to adopt a broader perspective and come out of their narrow environment.

As for love is concerned, people with 6 Sun Number take everything seriously including love. Without any restraint, the number 6s are known for complete surrender to their lover being the most loving and harmonious of all numbers. Surprisingly, they can be equally promiscuous as they hardly learn to say no.

Thus despite complete surrender and great pleasure and happiness givers, the people with 6 Sun Number are known to have broken more hearts than any other category. They are also not always long living like other numbers. However, when the people with 6 numbers learn to be givers, and this nature becomes their greatest strength.

The 6 Sun Number has broken more hearts than any other Sun Number, but also provide great pleasure and happiness to more lovers, even though not always as long-lived,  as the people from any other numbers. When the 6 learn to complete self-surrender  to their partner, thus giving nature becomes the biggest strength of the 6 Sun Number.

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