Sun Number 4

The people with Sun Number 4 just love the intricate details and adopt a very efficient and systematic approach to every matter that comes into their lives. They are gifted with rock solid personality, and it takes a lot of force to destabilize them. However, they prefer the status quo and hate the changes and thus fail to catch up things. They are most likely to lose opportunities because they preferred to wait for too long. The greatest strength comes in the form of the considerate efforts they put forth.

The people with the number 4 keep themselves focused and dedicated and are not procrastinators at all. The 4s tend to be perfectionist and demand the best from themselves and remain unsatisfied, unless they do the best. During work, the craze for perfection lets frustration creep in, and it’s not fun to be around them. The philosophy of all work and no play suits this number, and their dislike for relaxation makes them dull.

Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of the number 4s is the lack of empathy and can be considered to be cruel, to some extent. People fail to understand that these people are equally demanding of themselves as they expect from others. They are not too much materialistic, but accomplishments are the very essence of their existence.

It is found that successful Sun Number 4s have realized that for achieving one’s dreams, one have to accept the associated risks most often as nothing is guaranteed in life.
The people with Sun Number 4 find themselves very uncomfortable in the spheres of love and romance. They can deal anything but are shaken when love overtakes them, and the earth seems to be falling apart. It takes a lot of time and efforts on the part of 4s to reveal the secrets of their heart. More positively once they are in love; they stay in love and their dedication for the partner overcompensates any lack for sensual and passionate expression. If you are blessed with a number 4 as your love partner, you are lucky as the strength or depth of his or her commitment to you will remain intact forever.

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