Sun Number 3

Innovation and creativity are the keynote of the people with the Sun Number 3. They quickly resolve the issue thinking much beyond the situation. They are highly optimistic but behave like a child unaware and even avoiding their responsibilities, particularly those requiring efforts and attention. Most of the time all the other people around them love 3s but in return 3’s love for them almost remain superficial.

Sun Number 3s has a very good sense of humor, and so they keep the atmosphere around them light and sunny as they prefer to skate on the surface. However, they even admire themselves for the courage, endurance and determination shown while facing any serious life issue and obviously others get surprised as well.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to facing challenges or taking opportunities, the creativity becomes their greatest asset. But unfortunately, their efforts don’t match up their creativity, and they tend to leave many unfinished promises, unfinished projects and unfulfilled dreams during their course of journey.

It has been mostly seen that Successful Sun Number 3s learned to adopt the changing circumstances in rather focused and disciplined approach. They feel highly satisfied when manages to pursue something to its ultimate objective.

In the area of love, the people with 3 Sun Number tend to be flaky and superficial in their romantic relationships, which constantly hide their serious undertones. These people fully realize that their jolly nature is fragile and highly vulnerable. This realization is reflected in their pessimistic and negative approach to the prevailing challenges, including romantic relations for which they tend to be very cautious.

However, they have no problem in entering short term relation that is not supposed to last for longer. To some extent, this leads to a bit promiscuous nature but back off when they realize that this might become a serious issue. By having a lot of Patient and totally undemanding relationship one can build up a long-term relationship with Sun Number 3.

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