Sun Number 2

Very careful and deliberate approaches to the changes of life are the basic characteristics of people having Sun Number 2. They take steps only after deliberately judging the every pro and the cons and future consequences. They prefer to use tact and diplomacy instead of directly confronting anything. They can easily share their success and troubles with others and thus have no problem in getting support from others.

They seem to be gifted with intuition and can sense the changes much before it is evident. They are also bestowed with cunning intellect and complete understanding of the human nature, and if they don’t learn to be careful this cunning intellect tempts them to do things they might regret later.

As a key survival skill the 2s are well equipped with the sense of timing. However, most of the time such people accepts defeat without putting any serious fight and surrender quite early, but their resilience allows them to rise again. On temptations, the Sun Number 2s can easily become prey to selfish and greedy orientations even though they are quite sympathetic toward the sufferings of other people.

In matters of love, the people with Sun Number 2 are very sensitive and romantic besides being highly intuitive and needs to be handled with a care like a child. In romance, the 2s are highly vulnerable. Their intuition lets them see through anything that is not genuine and sincere and playing upon their emotions can lead you to hot waters. Powered by intuition, intellect and diplomacy the number 2s are known to take firm stands and don’t budge for a compromise even though they prefer diplomacy to direct confrontation.

Being highly sensual the partner comes first for the people having Sun Number 2. Despite being not very passionate, the people with Sun Number 2 know how to please and get pleased. The people with 2 numbers are highly fragile, and if you are not careful enough to break it, be prepared to deal with a dangerously sharp offshoot.

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