Sun Number 1

The people with Sun Number one are very stubborn and take a very uncompromising approach to changing circumstances. Being very strong and motivated, these people are not afraid of any confrontations and take the challenges with the daring philosophy of damn the torpedoes. Obviously sometimes they are quite impulsive.

The people with number one are gifted with strong stamina to face the toughest challenge. However, beyond a point all this strength vanishes, and they shatter without any prior sign. And if such people shatter, the healing process is equally long, and it takes lots of time and effort to pick up the pieces and start again.

Sun Number one is highly responsive to changes but the lake the intuition to see things before they actually set in motion. So for being effective, the people with the sun sign number one should learn to see things before they happen by giving due recognition to prior signs.

Pride comes first from these headstrong number people. It has been found that many successful people with Sun Number 1 have learned to be humble and polite and always remember other's contribution.

In matters of love, the people with Sun Number 1 happen to be jealous but quite passionate fellows and carry an intense desire to dominate. In their love originality and creativity is truly reflected but there is enough room for a more subtle and romantic approach. As these lack intuitions, they are prone to misread or misjudge their partner.
The people with this Sun Number are highly protective or possessive and thus can be very demanding. The sense of pride and self-respect always dominate love relations, and it is guaranteed to shatter any relation when the partner finds that the self-respect is at stake of if they are taken for granted. Except this proud and self-respect, the people with Sun Number one have thick skulls and even thicker skins to allow the partners to approach them as directly as they want to.

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