Karmic Debt Numbers

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It often happens that we get not what we think what we deserve, but what the circumstances or fate give us. Then we start to contemplate what exactly could have we done in the past to have such consequences in present, but we don’t seem to find the right answer. Though the obstacles in your life could have been different, each and every one has led you to the person you are now.

Numerology has special section in it, dedicated to the mistakes and how to fix them. We use the notion of Karmic Debt numbers in order to understand the root of our troubles in the past, get a chance to correct them in our present and to live a happy future. There are some numbers that occur through the calculations and are associated with different problems you might be struggling with in your life. You need to battle the negative features described in these numbers, so you can fix karmic debt and live a better life.

In case you treat Karmic Debt numbers negatively, you need to rethink such attitude, as they are helpers that point out things in our life that are not always obvious to everybody. Their aim is to make you better, as well as to harmonize your life. It will only make you stronger as a result. When you correct the karmic debt feature, you start a new phase in your life, without a burden from your past life.

This is how to find your Karmic Debt number:

While calculating your Life Path, Expression or other core numbers be extremely attentive. If you find the following numbers – 13, 14, 16 and 19 - in calculations or as a result before reducing it into a single digit, you have a karmic debt.


Number, 13

Karmic Debt Number 13

Number 13 is a sign that in your past life you were too self-indulgent, capricious and avoided responsibility at all costs.



Number, 14

Karmic Debt Number 14

Number 14 brings a challenge of wholeness of a personality.



Number, 14

Karmic Debt Number 16

Number 16 is one of the hardest numbers to live with, however, if you find strengths to overcome it, you will be rewarded as much as this karmic debt has taken from you.



Number, 19

Karmic Debt Number 19

If you got 19 in among your numbers, it means that in your past life you were too snobbish and had lots of prejudices about others.


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