Karmic Debt Numbers - Number 13

Number, 13

Number 13 is a sign that in your past life you were too self-indulgent, capricious and avoided responsibility at all costs. Your actions were oriented only on your own pleasure. You didn’t know when to stop and it led to harming yourself through abundance of different kind. In many instances, your previous self had a tendency to choose freedom, ignoring and neglecting the responsibilities, promises and plans shared with others. The challenge for you will to become reliable, goal-oriented and disciplined person. You need to learn the lesson of self-control, and after this your life will become more structured, you will have more exciting tasks to do and reasons to be proud of yourself.

In order to change something in your life, you will need to start from inner changes. It means that there will be no broken promises, no plans that fail because you didn’t show up, no more laziness when it comes to something less or more important. Number 13 is a sign that you need to learn the power of the word no, in order not to break promises, the easiest way is not to give them if you understand you can let yourself and somebody down. Saying no means sober estimation of your powers, and respect to others. As soon as you learn the lesson of number 13, your life should change for better.

Number 13 often accompanies those people who haven’t found their goal in life, who try everything, but scatter their strength as a result. Number 13 teaches us quality, not quantity, or how to become less superficial in things that we do. It is a sign that you need to look within yourself, understand your true desires, major goals, create a plan and live by it. If you overcome the challenge of number 13, you will be more organized, active and will not waste your time on things that harm you and do not contribute to your life.

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