Karmic Debt Numbers - Number 14

Number, 14

This number is all about failure to control oneself in previous life. The person with this number was too selfish and took into account only their own desires. The person was too changeable in desires, opinions and life-strategies. Number 14 brings a challenge of wholeness of a personality. A person needs to be more decisive when it comes to taking actions. Also, the lesson of control is very important, because if you stop spoiling yourself, you will learn what is the most important thing to you, so you can spend your life on a really important thing. You will need to eliminate distractions and to follow your path, doing meaning stuff. If you overcome this challenge you will understand that doing something from the very beginning till the end is one of the most pleasant things in life. Number 14 encourages you to avoid spoiling yourself, and to direct your energy on process that brings you deeper happiness, then just satisfying your needs.

This karmic debt number also brings a lesson to create stable principles to abide by. If you successfully accomplish it, you will have more structure in life and more certainty in your future. Number 14 can also tell you about being very careful in love affairs and whom to confide. Number 14 encourages people not to use somebody else, but also to strive to find that one person that suits you most. The lesson of love, commitment and being together with one person, without wasting your energy on many others. Your main goal is to focus on quality, not quantity and to do everything in a right way, not only for yourself, but keeping in mind those people right beside you. You’ll see how everything will change in your life, as soon as you cope with Karmic Debt 14.

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