Karmic Debt Numbers - Number 19

Number, 19

If you got 19 in among your numbers, it means that in your past life you were too snobbish and had lots of prejudices about others. It is also possible that you were too picky and could rumor over one small detail or looked not into the nature of the person or were incapable of empathy. This number is a sign that in order to make this life better and to get rid of this number, you need to socialize more with others and to listen to them as well as to be sincere with your intentions.

Also, number 19 is a sign that you might be too skeptical and often negative about lots of things. Ask yourself why you react this way, why you don’t see the positive side first. Number 19 tells that you lived in a secluded world, and didn’t let anyone in, thinking about your own good, ignoring other.

Number 19 is a lesson of caring, and being more warm-heated, open to everything new and more adventurous person. You need to introduce something new and kind into your life. It is complicated to change yourself, nobody promised it to be easy. However, you can do it. When you beat number 19, your life will be easier, like the heavy weight was taken away from you, you will see the perspectives and will find more interesting people, enriching your life with sincere friendship, exciting conversations and absence of loneliness. This number encourages you to listen to others, to think twice before judging others and to introduce a bit of positive thinking to your world.

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