Karmic Debt Numbers - Number 16

Number, 16

It is a sign that in your past life you were too stubborn and refused to believe anything else apart from your point of view. Number 16 is one of the hardest numbers to live with, however, if you find strengths to overcome it, you will be rewarded as much as this karmic debt has taken from you. Number 16 is a sign that you live rather in illusive world than real. Maybe you have found wrong information and believed it, or your principles are not compatible with the circumstances of the world around you. It is also possible that you’ve chosen wrong authority that limits you from living full life. It is a challenge to accept that something is wrong with your life and learn to find different perspectives, to look for different angles to understand the situations in your life fully. It is a lesson of flexibility and being open to everything new, even if you have never understood it earlier. This number is a difficult one, because it is hidden, the person rarely understands that his or her opinion might be wrong, as we are sure of ourselves. It is complicated also because it takes lots of inner strengths to overcome these features, as they are usually our habits or outlook.

When the person makes first steps towards the right position in life, the person is rewarded and encouraged to continue, until the debt is no longer relevant. Overcoming number 16 brings you true happiness and self-realization.

In case if person doesn’t want to admit that there is something wrong with their life, Karmic Debt 16 is getting only worse, in order to let this person understand that the changes are needed. After inner revelation the life of the one with 16 number changes drastically for better. It can be compared to the reboot of personality. In order to get rid of Karmic Number 16 you need to become more flexible, less oriented on your beliefs, become really inquisitive about the world around and to question the authorities, especially those that seem to be the most definite.

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