Wideninghorizons.com is a site you will not want to leave

An interesting Matthew Oliver Goodwin book version of a Pithagor's numerology is presented on a website WideningHorizons.com. They produce reports of a very high quality that are neatly calculated. Free-download copy is not provided on this site.

Their numerology calculator will give you a definite numerology card, without any other explanations. The cost of such calculator is 30 dollars. If you want to get more explanations and readings, you will need to pay about 100 or 200 dollars, depending on completeness of the report. For the calculation of your compatibility you will have to give extra 195 dollars. So, including this compatibility you will receive a whole report on about 30 pages.

Wideninghorizons.com is a site you will not want to leave

The programs that this site offers, came to us from ancient versions of Windows. It is kind of difficult to use them and they have an unattractive interface. Their reports have simple look and produced in an ordinary form. But to tell you the truth, the explanations in general are very good and useful. So, for such a quality you need to pay all in all, 400 dollars and you will have a not that bog report of about 30 pages.

The other thing is that these programs work only with Windows. They also offer you a version for Macintosh, but it doesn't go that well if you don't use exterior software.

So, unfortunately we just can't recommend you buying this program, for such a huge price. It doesn't worse it. The programs are too old and it had been a long time since they were updated. Comparing with what other sites offer you, their reports are very small and there is not enough information in them.

The total rate of our review is - 3.5/5