Sun Number 7

The people with Sun Number 7 tend to incline towards the domain of spiritual consciousness and philosophy. The people from this number analyze anything for deeper meaning as they don’t consider the face value. They hardly give any importance to change and because of their apathy for change they are often neglected. A very interesting characteristic of the 7 number is that they are can be both introvert and extrovert hiding one aspect within the other. The people from this number are not materialistic and engage in utopian or lofty dreams.

The Sun Number 7 represents noisy extroverts and superficial lightweights that hardly bother anything else. Even though they do realize that their extrovert nature is a waste of time and energy but keep on doing it. They have very few friends, and others remain strangers because friends do find out the faults in their behavior. If the Sun Number 7 can’t hide their emotions, they do control their emotions very effectively. Psychology and psychiatry are their preferred field of operation.

7s can’t be said to be conventional even though they are gifted by scholarly nature and have a very curious mindset. Most often they remain eccentric.

The successful people with Sun Number 7 are seen to have learned to understand their emotions. Mind alone can’t solve everything.

It is seen that people with Sun Number 7 are late bloomers. Their intellectual and spiritual quest overpowers any physical needs. So 7s hardly figure it out how to handle their first love and tends to engage in a Platonic relationship for the first time.

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