Sun Number 5

The people with Sun Number 5 are equipped to most effectively deal with the changes then any other number. They are most suited to work in an environment that is highly dynamic and can even handle chaotic conditions. Responding to changes is their best strength, and they don’t engage in careful planning. The 5s are mostly considered as adrenaline junkies where emotional decisions are concerned. The 5s are very social human being and love the company of fellow and friends. They are also quite adventurous and love to travel a lot preferably taking roads which they haven’t gone before even if they have to take a diversion from it.

The Sun Number 5 loves to remain unpredictable and doesn’t adhere to routine life. The wild streak nature makes them quite undisciplined. This can result in the complication of self-indulgence or addiction. The most serious limitations of the people with this number are the lack of stability and responsibility. It is found that successful number 5s learn to channel their energy without wasting them on pretty short-term goals.

The people with Sun Number 5 are considered to be the most sensual and passionate among all the other Sun Numbers when it comes to romancing. Being wild and adventurous in nature, the 5s prove to be very committed and serious in heart-related  matters and capable of almost surprising anybody in a romantic relationship. The number 5s are very committed lovers and never cheat their partners, and any cheating relationship is likely to occur only at the receiving end. However, due to their basic nature of trying everything and everyone at first, they tend to enter a serious relationship at relatively late stages of their lives. Contrary to physical relations, when they age engaged by heart the number 5s stop playing around and become a very focused, stable and matured partner.

The people with number 5 just hate for being taken for granted and limited to a particular form. They value freedom to anything else and do anything to maintain their freedom. Generally, the people with number 5 are not good at long-term relationships; however, when they do, they are very loyal and their company is just fun.

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