Resolve numerology puzzles paying absolutely no money on

The Numerologist site offers you to receive your numerology characteristic without paying any money. But when you start to surf through the site, you discover some things in another way.

Your first step is your registration on this site, where you enter your email and indicate important things about yourself. Once you did that, you receive general information about your numerology.

During the next several weeks you start to receive your numerology characteristic once a day in a form of electronic letter to the email you entered. The reports are not very good. In fact, they give you general ideas, but not any exact details. Then, they start offering you to buy some simple books or programs that cost more than fifty dollars.

Resolve numerology puzzles paying absolutely no money on

The next step what they do, is they send you letters on different subjects that are not connected with the matter and sometimes they still keep reminding you about numerology. More seldom your Inbox gets letters about an extremely interesting quality that they discovered in your numerology characteristic. You start to think that this thing can turn your life upside down, but on the next day they send you a letter, on what exactly they found out. When reading it, you realize that it is just another interpretation of one of the numbers that are in your numerology matrix. There is nothing outstanding in it.

We want to warn you! The site is very good looking and oriented exceptionally to attract you. By putting some bright colors and attractive pictures, they make you spend more time on their web-site, so that they can show you more spam-advertisements.

The total rate of our review is - 2/5