Find out all the mysteries of your personality on Mystic Board Numerology

There is a huge variety of numerology programs on the web-site When you start to work with them, you see that they just consist of tiny astrological and numerological reports. They are impossible to use, neither if you want to find out more about yourself nor if you want to use them for your work or in your professional field. All in all, this site is like a multifunctional calculating tool with a very common appearance. It has lots of programs in it that are easy to use. Their reports have some sayings that sometimes are difficult to understand. Not counting that they are very short and the programs are very small.

This website states that all mysticboard programs can be downloaded for free. But in fact, you will not achieve to obtain it this way, because you don’t have a special license. The process of getting it for a small program consists of two options that you can choose: Either you register on their forum and communicate with everybody, so that you totally have 25 – 250 massages depending on the program you want to download.

Find out all the mysteries of your personality on Mystic Board Numerology

The good thing from this is that you can see what programs people from the forum have used, and what their impressions are. Or you can choose an easier option by paying some money. The amount also varies depending on the program, from 5 to 50 dollars. So, as a conclusion, the programs are not that gratuitous....

So, altogether for your numerology set including a compatibility test you need to pay about 75 dollars. Or you have to spend several weeks on the forum, posting affectionless massages.

The last thing that can cause you inconvenience, is that these programs work only with Windows.

The total rate of our review is - 2.5/5