Karmic Lesson numbers

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Different advantages and disadvantages are in our nature. Karmic Lessons are the spheres in our life that need to be redone, and the troubles we must struggle with.



Karmic Lesson number 1 offers you to be steady, determined and assured, when it comes to your dreams and intentions. It is indispensable to be confident in your skills and powers in order to protect your rights and reach success, regardless of troubles brought by surrounding world.


Number 2 being a Karmic Lesson implicates that you should learn how to be tactful, polite and respectful. It is in your best self interest to become more responsive to people’s emotions. You need to learn to behave yourself in a team.


Number 3 as a Karmic Lesson tells that self-criticism is harmful for you. You are very strict to yourself. You are better than you may think.


Number 4 being a Karmic Lesson tells about the lack of determination in your life. You still haven’t established your goal here, but keep doing what you like and your work will help you to find yourself.



You scatter your interests, and prefer to do things that are rather safe than interesting. Try to experience life at its finest, do something extraordinary and fresh yourself up.



Number 6 Karmic Lesson means your hesitation or disability to manifest true emotions. It can be your inborn capability and when you try to show the commitment it is challenging for you. Don’t hold your passion and feelings. Let yourself be free. You’ll see how simple everything seems when you are opened to the world. Through the time you’ll learn how to let your love and care be expressed and you will find the relationships that will complete you.



You can have number 7 as a Karmic lesson when you ignore some natural talents. Regardless of the reason why you are neglecting your skills - if it is lack of ambitions, or fear not to be the best in your talent – you must understand that it is a part of you. It would be very beneficial for you to develop your talents, and do what you are best at.



If you have a Karmic Lesson number 8 – it means that you have talent in money manipulations, but still haven’t found out how to gain profit regularly. So, your material status is very flexible thing. Even if you know how to make money, you are impulsive spendthrift. In order to stabilize you income and financial state in future, be careful and calculate every step you take.


Karmic Lesson number 9 shows that you are not trustful, and tend to close in your world. Try to be more emotional, sympathetic and beat your narrow-mindedness. The world will open to you and you will feel complete.