House number 7

House 5

Number 7 is about spirituality and reaching inner calmness. The influence of number 7 is rarely visible at home. When you move to this house, you think of your life in one way, but it turns out in an absolutely unpredictable way. Most often, the house looks perfect, but after a month of living, you see problems with drainage, or the inner structure of the house is defective or improperly planned originally.

However, this house will nurture what you already have inside, so it is better to move into number 7 house when you are in balance and looking for happiness.

The best decoration for this house will be purple, orange, and yellow colors. It would be great if you had a chance to create your calm nook or specific room where you can spend some time by yourself. The place without Internet connection, without smartphone or TV. It should be a sort of meditation spot, since number 7 favors self-exploration and spiritual development.


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