House number 6

House 5

Number 6 is all about aesthetics and beauty. The energy of this number will help people who live there to develop the best qualities and get prosperity in life. The best color choice in this case will be pastels and bluish tones, as well as basic pink and creamy colors. The interior design should be balanced and sophisticated.

This is also a number of balance and justice, meaning that karmic rules are applied to this house; if you do bad things – you get negative consequences; if you do good things – you get overall prosperity and luck.

Everyone who lives in that house will also feel this energy of harmony and beauty. When the balance is ruined, people in this house will feel contrasting changes from love to hatred, from rise to fall. It will continue until the energies are balanced.

Number 6 is a perfect choice for people of creative professions, like writers, singers, artists, tutors, and marketing representatives. If the number is in balance, this house will be a place of cheerful meetings with friends, joyful holidays, and calm workdays. Number 6 empowers cooperation and unity. It is perfect for big families with lots of kids and pets. It will only tighten the bond between you. In such atmosphere, fights and offenses do not live for a long time.

In order to avoid imbalance in number 6, it is important to make sure the interior is modern, rather neutral. Avoid crowding of bright colors all in one place. It is better to distribute pops of color evenly.


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