House number 5

House 5

The house number 5 is all about activities and dynamic time spending. It is quite rare that people that live there do nothing. The atmosphere in this house is ever-changing. You never know what this day is going to bring, what exciting moments you will share with others. It is a house for parties with friends and for very active people.

If you are single and you want to add more people to your life, you can consider house #5 to add some extraordinary events to your life. If you root for calm living, the energy of number 5 will hardy provide you with it. Usually, this number attracts people related to communication, from journalists and writers to logistic industry representatives. It is just in the nature of number 5 to be in the center of everything.

Kids in this house will be into active time spending, like bikes and motorcycles. This number is also related to rather complicated and nervous characters; however, kids raised in this house will be able to build communication easily and naturally. Time spent in number 5 house will always be very dynamic and full of future memories.

The best design for this type of house would be calm tones with pops of color, like pillows, paintings on the wall, quirky furniture, though walls and rugs are better to leave neutral in gray, light coffee, or beige colors.

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