House number 4

House 4

House number 4 is quite extraordinary. It is one of the most powerful numbers due to the totally opposing energies that compose it. Houses like that usually play an extremely important role in the lives of people, but it might be related to some dramatic events as well.

Number 4 is quite conservative when it comes to design. It is usually complicated to add some modern details to this house without totally remodeling. It’s advised to be careful while changing the design totally.

This house would suit people with a very strong inner core who embrace challenges and want drastic changes in their lives. Such a house will bring a sense of serenity and calmness to their life.

The energy of this number can bring great raises and promotions, as well as numerous negative moments. Usually, it is out of someone’s control. If there are few people who live in this house, all of them might have absolutely different opinions about fundamental things, and it will be extremely difficult to reach consensus. It is usually visible in parents-and-kids relationships, when neither is changing their opinion.

In the house like this, it is important to avoid fights and scandals. Number 4 house demands a lot of work, both physical and emotional.

The best colors to decorate the house will be natural ones: brown, green, warm yellow, and beige.

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