House number 3

House 3

House number 3 is always changing, always growing, so a lot of space is needed in house number 3. People there are freedom-loving, and if they move to another house, it will be quite complicated for them to live anywhere else, especially if there is less space.

House number three is related to entertainment. Most often, people will have lots of fun there; however, it might be related to recklessness and abuse as well if there is not enough control and discipline there. Most often, people will be able to have great rest in that house, having a lot of energy for a productive week.

This house should be comfortable, yet practical. In design, we need to avoid excessive decorations. It is better to concentrate on rational space use, like hidden storages, enlarging space due to light walls and mirrors. Furniture can be creative, of different styles and colors. The best colors are contrasting ones, like violet and yellow.

House number 3 is rarely empty. People love the energy in this house, so visitors are quite natural there.

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