House number 2

House 2

House number 2 is a very comfy, cozy, and beautiful place. Usually, it is an image of the perfect home you want to return to after a long day at work. It is always warm and welcoming. There are always a lot of friends gathering in number 2 house.

House number 2 should be decorated with lots of comfortable elements, like numerous throw pillows, blankets, fresh flowers, oversized chairs, and ottomans or pouffes.

It usually has simple and delicious food. People who live in such a house often prefer to cook and eat takeout way less due to the energy of the house. The goal of this house would be to live in maximum comfort. People love and accept each other for who they are and avoid superficial behavior.

The energy of number two is constantly changing, and people might be affected by this influence as well. There might be a lot of other people at your house, since people are naturally attracted to the comfort of this home.

Number 2 house should be decorated in pastel pink, beige, and other light colors.

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