House number 1

House 1

It is the house that enhances motivation and self-sustainability. It is important to keep the space in the house as free as possible, avoid a lot of items crowded all over the house. This house likes minimalism and being clean. Make sure to open windows regularly.

The finish preferable for this house should be in white or bright colors. The best colors to use will be white, golden, and warm orange, and furnish it with transparent details and mirrors with golden embellishment.

Such homes are common for people with a high level of income, great taste, and strong inner drive to achieve more in life. It might be the perfect house for celebrities or politicians. A person that naturally lacks motivation or wants to improve leadership skills will see improvement if he lives in number 1 house.

People living in number 1 house often consider themselves picky and have well-developed critical thinking and the urge to succeed. The vibration of this house leads to independence and increased level of motivation.

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