Discover your all numerology characteristics with Decoz® Numerology

It is one of the age-old programs available on the market that offers you a classical western numerology. For paying no money, you will receive a numerology calculator for making a numerology card for you with explanations of your basic numerology characteristics.

They also have a paid version. In total, it costs 199 dollars, but it is divided on 6 pieces. So, you can buy each piece for 30 or 60 dollars, which is very affordable. This version provides a good report that has complete, detailed and perfect explanations. In general you will receive 40 or 50 pages numerology characteristics about yourself.

Numerology characteristics with Decoz® Numerology

They can offer you numerology lessons as a present, if you were pleased with results and you want to be numerology your professional field. But this copy is not enough to use if you want to practice it professionally. For a special work-related version you need to pay some more money.

The good thing in this program is that it is updated frequently with new versions. But, in general, you can not really define the difference between two versions. They all resemble to those that were produced in the beginning.

Also, their explanations are available in different languages and can work with Mac OS and Windows.

So, our rate for this program is - 4/5