Numerology in the Bible

The BibleEvery number that occurs in the Bible book has special significance and is related to something or someone. Study of such numbers which occur in the Bible is called Biblical numerology. Numbers are significant of God, man or have a spiritual meaning. The occurrence of the numbers in the Bible reveals relevance of their occurrence. The number of times a particular word occurs in the Bible is also important.

On careful analysis of the Bible, every number that occurs in the Bible is found to be very significant and symbolic of something unique. A casual reader might overlook these facts and might not understand the symbolism but anyone who goes in for a deep study of the Bible will understand it.

1. Means God

2. The number two is a number of division, since it is the first number which can divide any other number. The son has two natures human and divine. There are two testaments: Old and New. Human beings are male and female.

3. The number three is symbolic of divine perfection. The Holy Trinity consists of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. To exist and survive time, space and matter all are essential ad these are the three qualities of the universe.

4. The number four is the number of creation. There are four directions: north, south, east and west. There are four seasons: summer, spring, autumn and winter.

5. Number five is the number of grace. David picked up five smooth stones to conquer his enemy Goliath and he had to use only that fifth stone to gain victory and no other stone was used.

6. The number six is the number which is impressed upon man. Man was created on the sixth day of creation. Man has six days to labor and to toil and one day is provided for rest and to connect with God. This number is also symbolic of man’s labor and sufferings. Everything related to man’s labor has the number six stamped on it, be it the measurements he has to work with or the time during which he has to work.

7. The number seven is the number of spiritual perfection and we can see the importance of this number is every aspect of our lives. There are seven basic notes in music, light splits into seven colors when passed through a prism, there are seven levels of periodicity in the periodic table and there are seven crystal systems.

8. The number eight denotes new beginnings.

9. The number nine is the number of judgment. Number ten denotes divine perfection.

12. Number twelve is also a perfect number and signifies governmental perfection.

40. The number forty is also a very important number, and is the number of probation or trial. Jesus was tempted for forty days and the Israelites wandered for forty days.